Our Style Lounges have Received a Makeover!

Have you heard the news? We’ve just completed a serious redo of our style lounges to give our Dallas style appointment customers a more elevated styling experience! You may be asking yourself the following question: “What is a style appointment and why haven’t I had one?”  In a nutshell, it is an enjoyable and efficient[…]

3 Brands Created by Women, for Women

It’s somewhat surprising that even in 2018, men still dominate top positions of most major brands in the fashion industry.  At Front Door Fashion, a company owned and founded by women, we always enjoy introducing fabulous new brands to our customers, but it’s especially exciting when we discover brands that are owned by women and[…]

All About the Box

Did you know that Front Door Fashion stylists hand-select every item that goes into a box?  With such a personalized experience, we thought it was time to let you in on what this box of happiness is really all about and what makes this experience unlike any other.

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